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Apple iPhone 8 Screen Might Not Cover The Front Camera And The Sensors

The Apple iPhone 8 release date is coming as the days are passing by, and Apple is doing everything that will impress the iPhone 8 buyers. There are yet no confirmations from the Apple as to how the phone will look like and the features it is going to be loaded with. The rumours of the phone have created so much hype about the phone that Apple does not need to advertise about the phone. Although the rumours about the phone have been confirmed by many well-known sources yet they have not been confirmed by the Apple so they cannot be fully trusted. The rumour has that the phone would be having a screen size of 5.8 inches of OLED(OLED SCREEN APPLE IPHONE 8 3D TOUCH COMPONENTS TO COST MUCH HIGHER THAN EXPECTED) type which would be an edge to edge.


The Apple iPhone 8 is also rumoured to be getting a new processor called the A11 processor. The A11 processor has been made by the Apple itself. Apple analysed the current usage of the people and designed the new processor. The new processor is much smaller than its previous version which is 10nm in size and is much more powerful too. The new processor provides a faster processing speed with lower battery consumption. The phone will be getting a bigger battery plus a lightning faster charger to charge it at a faster rate. The previous rumours were that the phone screen might be covering the sensors as well as the front camera but the latest design(POWER BUTTON REDESIGNED FOR APPLE IPHONE 8) leaks suggest that there would be no such thing.

The Apple iPhone 8(APPLE IPHONE 8 MAY GET TOUCH BAR AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN) would be sold in three different variants. Among the three variants, one would be high-end variants which would have all the new features plus the large OLED display while Apple would also be releasing two other variants with lower screen size called the standard variants. There would be no 32 GB variant of the phone hence the price of the Apple iPhone 8 high-end variant with the largest internal storage may cross the four digit pricing(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO EVEN CROSS THE 4 DIGIT PRICING) range.


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