Apple iPhone 8 Might Be Getting Edge To Edge Display

Apple iPhone 8 is the upcoming model of the iPhone series by Apple which might be released on Apple’s tenth anniversary in the year 2017.  The phone will be having features which would be seen on a smartphone for the very first time. The phone is expected to get a screen size of 5.8 inches of OLED type(APPLE IPHONE 8 NEWS,RUMOURS,FEATURES & PRICE(OLED UPDATE)). The phone will be getting a larger screen size on a small handset size model as the display of the phone would be an edge to edge display. There also rumours that the phone might be getting a touch ID which will be integrated into the screen itself hence the edge to edge display would be possible for the phone.


The Apple iPhone would be having a larger battery backup as the phone might get an L-shaped battery which will have more capacity than the previous batteries which were being used on the phone. The phone would also be able to get charged faster as it will be having the lightning fast charger(APPLE IPHONE 8 ALL VARIANTS WOULD GET THE LIGHTNING CHARGER) which will be available for all the variants. The rumour is that the high-end variant might get wireless charger support(APPLE IPHONE 8 WIRELESS CHARGER MIGHT NOT BE FULLY WIRELESS). The phone would be more powerful also as it will be having a larger RAM size of 3 GB and also a new processor called the A11 processor which is specially designed for the phone. The new processor is a 10-nanometer chip which will give the phone high processing speed while taking less of battery power. With the support of 3 GB RAM, the processor would also be able to work more efficiently.

The Apple iPhone 8 will be launched on the market in three different variants. One will be a high-end variant with the 5.8 inches of OLED screen while other two are standard variants with smaller screen size and LCD type display. The phone might be launched in the month of September but rumours suggest that the high-end variant will only be available for pre-order(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO START PRE-ORDER IN SEPTEMBER) at that time and may hit the market in later years.


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