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Apple iPhone 8 May Change Their Capacitive Touch Technology

The Apple iPhone 8, the phone every iPhone lover is eagerly waiting for. The phone is expected to be launched in the month of September(APPLE IPHONE 8 MAY BE RELEASED ON SEPTEMBER 2017 BUT IN LIMITED STOCK) 2017 but the rumours suggest that the phone will be available in very limited stock. The Apple iPhone will be featuring a 5.8-inch touch screen. Apple’s new plans suggest that the earlier technology of capacitive touch ID will be changed to the optical system. The phone will be using an OLED display this time. The OLED display gives a bright display and consumes less battery than the usual touch screen(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO HAVE SIMILAR SCREEN DESIGN AS THE IPHONE 7). The phone will have a design which is similar to the design used in the iPhone 4. The design is known as the water drop design which has curved edges rather than the sharp edges. The backside of the phone has the glass body design.


The Apple iPhone 8 will be having the same RAM size as the iPhone 7 plus which is 3 GB. The phone will be having a larger battery this time and it is L-shaped. The new processor of the phone is also faster and has a high-performance rate. The name of the processor which will be used in the phone is the A11 processor. It is 10nm in size. The phone will get an upgraded fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint ID will be integrated into the screen itself.

The Apple iPhone will be sold in three different variants. One will be a higher end variant while the other two are the standard variants. The expected price of the phone is around $1000(Rs. 67000 approx.). The higher end version which will get the OLED(APPLE IPHONE 8 NEWS,RUMOURS,FEATURES & PRICE(OLED UPDATE)) screen will have a price higher than this. The major change in the iPhone 8 is the absence of the home button. Apple has decided to remove the home button from the phone. Rather a physical home button a virtual home button will be present on the screen of the phone. The absence of any physical home button allowed Apple to increase the screen size of the phone while the handset size remained smaller.


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