Way back in 2007, when the first iPhone came into the picture, it took the international market by storm. Some cool design, along with powerful software and quick to act mechanism was what lured everyone to buy it. Now as we are getting into the 10th anniversary of iPhone, expecting something special and huge won’t be wrong. So Brace yourselves because this is going to be a tough few months to wait, into as we anticipate the iPhone 9. Apple iPhone 9 Specifications is far better than the previous iPhone and iPhone 9 Design is really very decent and attractive. The thing that is making the launch of iPhone 9 even grander is that for the first time in three years, iPhone will be having a different design, some crazy tech and yes, a different display too. Although there are still a few months to go before the iPhone makes it’s to the market, there are hundreds of rumours flooding everywhere. From specifications to its design, from software to its initial price, a lot is being talked about nowadays and in this article today we’ll talk about the most likely things that you can expect in the iPhone 9.

iPhone 9 Look/Design

As we all know tech giant, Apple is going to launch its new phone named as iPhone 9 in the month of September 2018 so check out iPhone 9 Look with its features. Besides giving a polished look to the new iPhone, the developers are trying providing it with a ceramic back. This will not only add to its sleek and excellent design but will provide a way to charge the phone wirelessly. Glass helps transfer energy better and therefore one would be able to charge the phone from a distance. If news and claims of the iPhone developers are to be believed, then you will not only be able to charge the phone from a long distance, but also while holding it in your hand and doing your own stuff.


But for that to come true the iPhone 9 developers need to fix the energy problems that take place as charging distance increases. There are rumours that they are partnering with different firms in order to repair the issue of loss of energy which takes place when energy is being transmitted through a long distance in a room or some open space. Secondly, besides providing with wireless charging, the glass design will make the phone resistant to scratches and hand impressions. The phones having a metal body are more susceptible to scratches and no matter for how long you try and protect your phone, and it will end up getting scratched up a lot, which then ultimately degrades the look of the phone. The glass, on the other hand, won’t allow the scratches or the thumb/finger impressions to last on the screen for long, which will not only make the screen and the phone look better but also increase the life of its display.

iPhone 9 Price and Release Date

The iPhone 7 launched recently in September 2016 brought in a lot of praises, and although it remained one of the country’s most popular phone until November, the phone that is garnering a lot of attention is the iPhone 9, which is probably to release in September 2018. Apple iPhone 9 Release Date as Mirror reports that company is holding back few groundbreaking features for the next year’s model. It is however very early to make any kind of prediction as to when the iPhone company will release their 10th-anniversary phone. However, according to the media reports, September 2018 is what has been declared as the release month for the iPhone 9. To be more precise, the iPhone 9 will be published within the first two weeks of September, only if the developers behind iPhone are not in a mood to surprise us. And if they are, we might even see an early release on June 29, the day when the first iPhone was released.

iPhone 9 is bringing in a lot of features that have not been seen on an iPhone before. Aside from the wireless feature, iPhone 9 is also rumoured to have a new curved AMOLED display. The said feature is believed to bring a major change from the LCD screens in the current iPhones, given that the AMOLED is lighter, thinner, more flexible and power efficient. The AMOLED display will also make up for the thick glass used and will keep the weight of the phone stable and on a lower side. Roping in such tremendous features in a phone will increase its cost and will be heavy on the buyer’s pocket. If not exactly, the iPhone 9 Price will be around $1200-$1300. Although this will not be seen as a tremendous increase and the increase will be only in the proportion of the previous models. It is quite expected that we might see 3 models on the 10th anniversary of iPhone. The first two models will be probably named as the “iPhone 9” and the “iPhone 9+”. The third model will be an exclusive flagship model and will feature the best of features. Accordingly, the price of the models will vary.

iPhone 9 Specifications & Features 

As the iPhone 9 will be the 10th-anniversary phone, So iPhone 9 Specification is going to be very awesome, there had to be something on the screen that the viewers haven’t seen before and to give the phone a real classy look, and the makers will be designing it with complete glass. Yes, you heard it right, it will be a glass body, something that we haven’t seen in the previous iPhones. Although to specify whether it will be a complete glass body or whether it will be inclusive of some metal strips as well, is difficult. However, according to Bloomberg and wall street journal, the iPhone 9 will be made of complete glass. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a track record of leaking accurate information on Apple products, published a report in May claiming the American tech firm will completely redesign the iPhone in 2018. Thereafter talking about the design, it is being said that the phone won’t be having the biggest display and the display for usable space will vary somewhere between 5.2” to 5.3”. Some of the remaining space will be utilized for the volume buttons and other additional features. iPhone 9 will also be getting finally an organic LED, something that was expected many years back. Bloomberg also declares that Apple will be spending somewhere $570 million for LED screen production. The LED display on iPhone 9 will be visually indistinguishable from perfect and very likely to be better than the screen on your Televisions or computer screens. The OLED display with practically no bezels is what we saw on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and now we will be able to see it on an iPhone. The OLED display has certainly much lower power consumption than traditional LED panels. Rather than requiring a backlight, an OLED-based screen lights up individual pixels when necessary. This translates to blacker blacks and brighter whites. Now, something that will put iPhone 9 in an altogether different category will be the feature of not putting any home button on its screen. According to the reports by a Chinese website called Storm, the virtual home button will have the same haptic feedback motors used in the iPhone 7 to create the illusion of a Home button, even if it’s just a flat capacitive surface. It will be having an incredibly clean front look as there won’t be any physical home button present. iPhone 9 will be having a fully integrated home button, and in order to unlock the phone, you can click anywhere on its screen. Additionally, it might feature a curved-glass design and also enable the sides of the phone to be used for virtual active buttons. For example, this could be utilized for certain controls when the camera app is in use. If true, the phone would rival Samsung’s edge screen features

Iris Scanner and Water Proof

One of the most highlighted features that the iPhone will bag is its iris scanner. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the iPhone for the first time will be having an iris scanner feature. The iris scanner feature will allow the user to unlock the phone when it is 12-14 inches from their eyes. Also in order to unlock the phone, they need not keep the phone exactly in front of their eyes for significant amounts of time, but the sensor will synchronize with their eyes in a couple of seconds, and the phone will be unlocked. Another standout feature that the iPhone 9 will carry is Water Resistance. The iPhone 9 will be having water Resistant feature rated by IP 67. The accidental falling of rain, falling on the phone in the sink or even pouring a glass of water on the phone will not damage it. Although you would not like to take the phone with you while you are swimming.



Currently, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have one 12 megapixels rear snapper and dual 12 megapixel real snappers(one wide angle and the other telephoto)respectively. Both the cameras are of great build quality and have excellent capabilities. Well, talking about the iPhone 9, there hasn’t been predictions made about the camera. But certainly, the smaller one will miss out a dual camera while the other two 5.5inch models are expected to feature that. Even the analyst Kuo states that the bigger phones will receive the feature of the dual camera while the smaller one will miss out on that.


The iPhone 9 models are expected to come in the same storage ranges that are 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. According to Mirror, even the colour options made available to the buyers will be the same as iPhone 7. The phone will be powered by an A11 processor embedded with an M11 motion co-processor. The phone is very much expected to have a bigger battery than the iPhone 7 and as because the phone will be having a glass casing, the battery is supposed to last for longer periods of time. As we mentioned above, the phone is very much expected to have wireless charging. Apparently, it will only be implemented if the yield rate can be deemed profitable, though, and it’s also been claimed the technology might only appear on the larger iPhone. Reports claim that if implemented, the phone will provide charging from a distance of around 15-20 ft.

Software (iOS 11)

Apple will try to keep it to the latest and thus the software for the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus will be iOS 11. The latest and greatest version of iOS- the iOS 10 was released a few months back and will be updated for the rest of 2016 and in 2018. However, the burning hot topic in today’s scenario in regard to the iOS is the iOS 11, which will be released not before than June 2018. Like the iOS 9 and iOS 10, the iOS 11 will also have a public beta available alongside the private developer beta. Get more updates on Apple iOS 11 on wordpress-254671-792711.cloudwaysapps.com. This will allow the early adopters to have a trial of the software before it becomes available to other people.Both betas will be steadily updated over the following months and come closer and closer to the finished public version of iOS 11. Although it is early to assume the devices which will work well with iOS 11, we still have a collection of some, which we expect will cater well to the iOS 11. It is very much certain that iOS will not work iPhone 4s and below.

iOS 11 Features

The iOS 11 will be a home to a lot of amazing and never seen before features. Most of these features are currently under wrap or are under processing and so can’t be revealed. But we do have some excellent features that are very likely to be seen with the iOS 11.

iOS 11 features

  • Finger Detecting Keyboard: – The features places the desired home row keys of an on-screen keyboard below the user’s fingers while they are hovering over the surface, both dynamically and automatically. This will allow the users to use the screen as a keyboard in a more convenient manner that will adjust itself according to the position of the fingers of the user. However, the feature is most likely to be seen only in the iPads and not on the mobile phones.
  • Realistic Siri: – Siri has been a fun invention and has garnered a huge positive response from all over the world. Where Siri was a step to make people feel that there is a phone is not just a device but can also interact with them, Apple wants to take this a step further and wants to make Siri sound more realistic and natural. This is due to some reasons but the most prominent one being the complaints from the previous users, complaining of the sound to be more robotic and less human. Those working inside are aiming to make Siri talk more naturally, according to a source that knows some Apple’s Cambridge employees,” reports the site. Apple is looking to explore more of Siri by adding features like VocalIQ tech which has not been tried on Siri yet.
  • Dark Mode: – One of the highly anticipated features of the iOS 11 will be the Dark Mode feature. It is something which was expected from Apple in iOS 9, then iOS 10 but it was such a letdown when Apple didn’t feature the Dark mode in these iOS. However this time, it is pretty sure that iOS 11 will be having this feature. The feature is being made primarily to cater to one’s eyes. The feature helps the eyes to view at night by turning the backgrounds black. The dark mode would allow users to switch to different and a better user interface that was heavy on the dark colours instead of light ones, which is what we’re used to in iOS.

Apple AirPods (Headset/ Earphone)

Earlier this year, Apple introduced their slick, simple and highly functioning AirPods. They are very much similar to the earbuds that are available with every iPhone set but with the difference that they are cordless. Once you are connected with the Bluetooth of your device and all set to roll, here’s a few things you need to know. Double tapping on your ear pod, brings up Siri by default and she( if only Siri is a girl) can then do whatever she usually does. Also, you change the settings, to make the double tap to pause or play the track instead. Then if you want to change the track, you need to open the track list on your phone or can directly order Siri to do it. Design The design of these Air pods is simple and smart and though it might feel that they would come out of your ear while you’re walking, jogging, etc. but they won’t. The no more available cord ensures that there is no sudden pulling of the earbuds from a side or two. Additionally, they feature a built-in battery that provides with 24-hour power.

Apple Airpods iPhone 9

Sound Quality The sound quality is certainly better than a lot of other Bluetooth headphones ( if not the “best”). The sound is crisp and clear with a wide audio range that leans towards the treble end but has adequate bass. Although if you want to enthral yourself with a pure sonic experience, the Apple ear birds are certainly not the right thing for you as because they are not embedded with the outside noise cancellation feature, and so you will be in touch with the exterior noises that are going around you. Conclusion At a price of $160, the Apple ear pods might be considered way too expensive. Although there a few things that Apple has done in order to justify that price, like the battery life is pretty good and the ear pods roughly last for a day or two on a single charge. Also, they have wonderful sound quality. In our test, we didn’t find a single lag and everything worked quite swiftly. Still, there are a few mentions that Apple needs h work on, in order to make these airpods better. These include Firstly- improving the design, and yes some might say they are quite similar to the regular ear pods and there isn’t much need to change it. But I would surely say that there certainly is. I know quite a few people who faced a problem while chipping this thing in their ears as it would just not fit there properly. Also, at a hefty price of $165 they do not offer the kind of look, on which you can be glued. Secondly-providing the noise cancellation feature-Like mentioned above, for serious and passionate music listeners, this thing of not providing the noise cancellation feature, won’t go too well and hopefully, we expect to see this change in the next update( fingers crossed). Hope you got all the information you want from Apple iPhone 9 (2018) Specifications, Price & Look. Just stay tuned with us for more updates on apple.