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Apple iOS 10 Now Majorly In Every Apple Devices

The Apple is a multinational company famous for electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. The company also has its own operating system for both laptops/computers as well as for the mobile/tablets. The operating system of the Apple devices are very well refined and runs very smoothly. The computer operating system name is MacOS and the mobile phones and tablets have the iOS as the operating system in them. The mobile phone operating system of the phone is also very well refined as it lags very less. The computer operating system also has a very nice GUI(Graphical User Interface).


The latest version of the Apple iPhone Operating System is the new iOS 10. The iOS 10 has many new very helpful features.

The new features are:

  • Notes Feature

  • Calendar Feature

  • News Feature

  • Mail Feature

  • Phone Feature

  • Music Feature

  • Map Feature

  • Safari Feature

  • Voicemail Feature

  • Camera feature

The iOS 10 according to a new survey have been installed by around 80% of iPhone users in the world. The iOS 10 version is only available for iPhone 5 and the versions after the iPhone 5 and for iPad mini 2 and the versions later than the mini 2. The iOS has loads of features which were quite necessary nowadays.


The iPhpone 7 series comes pre-installed with the new iOS 10 series. The iOS 10 was released in 2016 in the month of September and thus it has made quite a good progress in reaching to the majority of Apple users in the world. The iOS 10 will be getting more updates this year as the progress in the making the iOS 10 is still being done by the developers of the iOS. There is a news that the iPhone 8 might get the version of iOS 11 which will be having more features than the iOS 10 version. iPhone 8 series will be a having many amazing and new features.

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