Apple activates its App Store Small Business Program

Google and Apple’s app stores are a staple of the tech giant ecosystem. An obligatory passage, or almost, often pointed out lately.

Whether it’s the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, these app stores are an almost obligatory passage for anyone who wants to discover and install applications on their smartphone or tablet. And that puts the two giants of tech in a fairly dominant position. A situation that has been criticized regularly lately, in particular with regard to commissions taken on transactions. Apple is now taking a step in the right direction .

Apple starts charging only 15% commissions on its App Store

Apple started taking lower commissions from some of the participants in its App Store Small Business Program, according to AppleInsider. The tech giant introduced the program last November, giving developers with less than $ 1 million in revenue a year to cut Apple’s commission in half. So instead of paying 30% commission, participants only pay 15% for in-app sales and purchases. The Cupertino company had started accepting applications for participation in the program at the beginning of December and it should normally start on January 1, 2021. It seems that the apple brand has finally decided to start its program a little more early on, at least for some developers.

among App Store Small Business Program participants

As AppleInsider reports, Apparent Software founder Jacob Gorban, along with other program participants, have revealed that they have seen this application of reduced commissions. Jacob Gorban tweeted the information along with some screenshots:

Apple has always taken a 30% commission since the early days of its App Store, but the discontent has grown more and more pressing lately. Epic Games, which deliberately allowed Fortnite players to get around it by doing their cheaper transactions outside of the Apple platform, has led the charge in recent months. Other tech companies have joined the fight alongside Epic, including Facebook, which has specifically criticized Apple for not lowering commissions charged for Facebook Pay.

When Apple introduced this program, the Cupertino company said it would benefit a “vast majority” of platform developers. While this is indeed a good thing for individuals and small businesses, some see it as a maneuver to prevent the authorities from investigating any monopoly …

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