Anthem: BioWare redesign could be abandoned

The fate of AAA designed for the game-service will be decided this week by the teams of the American publisher Electronic Arts.

Total failure of the studio BioWare , the new license Anthem was yet to be a serious competitor to Bungie’s Destiny but its rickety content as well as its condition did not helped make it a resounding success. Despite the bad feedback, Electronic Arts believed they had a little misused nugget and therefore gave a small team time to take care of a No Man’s Sky game overhaul. . A year and a half later, it is not all over yet and EA is starting to grow impatient with the next generation consoles already hitting the market.

The death or the revival of Anthem?

In the course of the week, the pundits of Electronic Arts will review the latest version of Anthem Next during a meeting according to three sources close to the project who confided to the very reliable Jason Schreier of Bloomberg . The Anthem redesign team includes only about 30 developers. The goal will be to either expand it or completely abandon the project to strengthen the dev teams of Dragon Age 4 and the new Mass Effect . The latest news is that Anthem Next includes major changes to its game mechanics and user interface.

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