Android 12 is revealed in a developer preview version

Like any software, operating systems also have their lifecycles. And these often include a presentation phase to developers, often via a developer preview.

The schedules of the giants of the tech concerning the updates of their products are often well put together. Whether it is hardware or software, the general public and third-party developers alike know what to expect. Today, it’s Google who, true to form, is delivering a developer preview for its much anticipated Android 12 .

Android 12 arrives in developer preview

The Mountain View firm has just published a developer preview for its major Android 12 update. This new version represents the next generation of the American giant’s operating system and this developer preview should deliver its share of clues as to the features coming in this update.

The opportunity to discover the great novelties

That being said, as the name suggests, this is a developer version. In other words, non-developers, understand by that, the general public, cannot install it now. Google, however, specifies that it has planned an opening, with a beta version, of this Android 12 later in the year but for the moment, we do not have any specific date of availability. This beta version will allow the general public, at least the most curious users, to discover this new version.

Who says new major version, also says its share of big changes, like less modifications. Android 12 will be no exception to the rule. We could cite a big overhaul of notifications, Google having worked a lot on their design to be able to display more information when needed. The OS should also offer smoother transitions and animations, faster alerts, etc.

There should also be features like haptic feedback to respond to audio playback, which could be very useful in games. Google also states that it has introduced new mechanisms to protect your privacy. According to the latest news, it could be something quite similar to what Apple recently announced to block tracking. We currently have relatively few details but we should find out more in the days and weeks to come as the developers learn about Android 12.

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