Android 12 could take over some iOS design cues for privacy

Operating systems have done a lot for user privacy. This involves more or less important features. Even the design contributes. On iOS, it is now very visible.

Today iOS is a mobile operating system that does a lot to protect users’ personal data . And this protection operates on very different scales. From a very low level, down to certain design elements to “reassure” the user. Android 12 could just take some of these elements from the Apple brand OS.

Android 12 could in turn integrate the iOS microphone / camera icon

In recent versions of iOS, Apple introduced visual indicators to let users know when the microphone or camera is in use. This is especially useful in cases where you haven’t given your permission for an app to use the camera or microphone. If then you were to see these indicators, something strange is going on.

Today it looks like Google is planning to do something similar for its Android operating system. In a report published on XDA Developers, screenshots were leaked. These would be images of the future Android 12 version. So many glimpses of what awaits us in the next major version of the mobile OS from the Mountain View firm. Among the novelties, novelties concerning privacy, with usage indicators as in iOS.

But more information would be available

For Android users who are not aware of these iOS privacy flags, whenever the camera and microphone are in use by an app, a colored icon will appear in the status bar. As you can see in the screenshot above, Google might implement something very similar for Android 12.

That being said, in the case of Android, it looks like Google can provide more information, especially regarding the context. The user would only have to tap the icon to access these details. By these, the name of the application that is currently accessing the microphone or camera or the last one to access it.

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