An Apple Car with a “revolutionary battery” in 2024?

Will we ever be entitled to an Apple Car? The idea comes back regularly on the carpet via rumors but the Cupertino company has never let anything appear in this direction. Today, new rumor.

The possibility of an Apple Car is nothing new, to say the least. Rumors evoke the existence of such a project, or of a kit for autonomous driving which would be sold to the manufacturers, internally for several years, but the brand at the apple never has anything declared that can go in this direction. Today, a new rumor is fueling this fire.

An Apple Car with a revolutionary battery for 2024?

There have been rumors for many years that Apple is working on its own car. A recent report even suggested that this car could arrive in 2024. Today, a new report from Reuters “confirms” this previous information and even adds that the car would have a “revolutionary battery”.

One of the problems with electric cars is of course the distance they can travel before needing to be recharged, in other words their range. Electric chargers are not as common as gas stations, at least for now. This means that electric vehicle owners need to be careful when planning their trips. That being said, Apple’s potential breakthrough battery technology would feature a single-cell design.

The rumor returns!

This design is to allow the individual cells in the battery to be strengthened while freeing up space inside the battery pack by eliminating pockets and other third party modules. Ultimately, this allows more active materials to be incorporated into the battery itself, which, in theory, would increase runtime.

That being said, building and selling a car isn’t easy, let alone for a company like Apple that has never done something like this before. The company does have the resources to embark on such an adventure, but does it plan to do so? The future will tell.

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