Amazon Alexa can remind you of upcoming events

Digital voice assistants are already very powerful, but they are very large projects. There is still a lot to do for them to prove to be essential on a daily basis. The giants are working hard on it.

Google and Amazon now reign supreme in the digital voice assistant market with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa . This involves the constant addition of features thought and designed to simplify the daily lives of their users. Today, it is the giant of American e-commerce which announces a very interesting novelty for Alexa.

Amazon Alexa Welcomes a Great New Feature

Amazon wants to make your life easier by keeping you from forgetting important events. The Verge reports that Amazon has quietly introduced something new, something you might call “tell me when.” This is a very simple command – in this case “Alexa, tell me when…” – which not only allows you to answer your question regarding the date of an event but at the same time to place a reminder for this same event.

A “tell me when” command so as not to forget important events

For example, if you ask Alexa, “tell me when is Super Bowl ,” your Echo or any other device compatible with Amazon Alexa will answer the question – February 7, 2021 , in case you wanted to know – and will remind you on the same day that this great sporting event takes place.

It is also possible to use the “tell me when” command to find out the broadcast date of a TV series, holidays or even for events defined in the emails of your contacts. Unfortunately, the command is currently only available to Alexa users residing in the United States.

This new command is part of Amazon’s grand strategy to allow Alexa to gauge your true intention rather than simply having it answer your questions. The American giant here wants you to avoid asking things several times. So expect to see a lot of proactive responses going forward.

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