AllStars Destruction: Trailer and Tips for PS5 Exclusive Competitive Play

The new creation from Lucid Games is available for free on PS5 through PlayStation Plus.

The PS5 from Sony kicks off the year with a new exclusive as the competition rests and does not react. Destruction AllStars is a mix of Destruction Derby and Twisted Metal. The goal is quite simply to smash the enemy vehicles in arenas with style and by choosing one of the 16 AllStars of the roster: “ Many reckless daredevils have become real masters in the field thanks to their talent, their timing. and their tactics. Each competition offers specific goals and targets that you must achieve by adjusting your strength, impact and speed of destruction.

Tips for getting started on Destruction AllStars

  • Cars don’t last forever: In a match, you will need to know when to eject and look for a new one. Have multiple strategies and change them on the fly. Grab heavy cars to take the damage, or get behind the wheel of one of the small models to dodge everything or do some surgical strikes! Even your heroic bolide is disposable – you’ll have the opportunity to summon it multiple times in the same match. So remember not to stay cloistered in your racing car
  • Use the Arena to Your Advantage: When you are on foot, you should be careful of your surroundings. Our arenas offer a lot of verticality with the suspended platforms that should offer you a moment of respite away from enemy cars. Stay on your toes and run from platform to platform to find a new vehicle or prepare to pounce on an enemy racing car
  • Use the collectibles to turn the game around: There are plenty of collectibles in the arena that will help you charge your breakers (abilities). As you collect shards from platforms and walls, you’ll charge up your heroic bolide and heroic breaker. Use it to gain advantage early in the game, or to pick up that last charge you missed to trigger your Breaker! You can also pick up Breakers to collect. Picking up five of these items allows you to charge heroic bolides for your entire team, allowing you to summon them. This allows you to coordinate with your allies to launch terrible attacks or to turn up a difficult match
  • Dodge is Better Than Jumping: When an enemy fireball is racing towards you, dodging (round by default) can be more profitable than just jumping. If you successfully dodge, you’ll be able to jump onto the roof of your opponent’s racing car to try to grab or destroy it. Do it to quickly secure a new car or to achieve destruction
  • Team games are designed for coordination: In Savings and Autornado, coordination and communication will separate the winners from the true champions. In a savings game, it’s just as important to protect your banks as it is to collect spare parts. Pick the right AllStar to hold your position using its breaker and push your opponents out of the banks. In Autornado, heroic cars can store more spare parts than regular cars. Keep an eye out for your opponents’ heroic cars and dodge them until the appropriate time. Pick the right time to strike and prevent a lucrative cash-out for their team.
  • Practice Mode: You can learn the rules of the four multiplayer modes while familiarizing yourself with the unique abilities of each AllStar. Practice moving around the arena and trying out new tactics to face your opponents in multiplayer mode
  • Challenge Sets: Each event includes a set of challenges to complete. It’s not just about winning the game! You can therefore redo them to unlock all the rewards. The first pack you can pick up is the one from the Ultimo Challenge Series

A launch trailer for Destruction AllStars

AllStars Destruction is available with the PlayStation Plus until April 5, 2021.

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