AirPods Max headset gets disassembled (and gets a good rating)

Apple products are not really known to be easy to take apart, and therefore repair. What about the recent AirPods Max headphones?

Apple stepped out of its comfort zone by entering the headphone market with the AirPods Max . If the opinions are quite laudatory – and this despite the rather high price positioning of the beast -, some could ask the question of the repairability of the device, the Cupertino company not being really recognized for offering easily removable products and repairable. What about with this helmet ?

iFixit gives a 6/10 in repairability to the Apple AirPods Max headset

As companies create ever more compact electronic devices, it is not surprising that the components are more complex, more entangled with each other and, in fact, that the whole is more difficult to take apart to replace such. or such component. Sometimes it is just simply impossible. That being said, and surprisingly enough to be emphasized, the AirPods Max headset ultimately proves to be fairly easy to handle.

Highest rating for a product in the AiPods range

At the very least, that’s what emerges from the full teardown report conducted by the subject matter experts at iFixit. The team gives the Apple headset a pretty 6/10 rating for repairability. It’s not particularly high but it is the highest rating ever given to a device in the AirPods line. That being said, since these are headphones and not in-ear headphones, the set is bulkier, there is more room to cram the components. But it’s still a good thing.

The report cites several very interesting features, such as magnetically detachable ear cups, which greatly aid when it comes to taking the beast apart. The battery and the Lightning port, two very common potential failure items, can also be replaced quite easily. In other words, if the battery starts showing signs of weakening, or if the Lightning port becomes damaged, they can easily be replaced.

That being said, the iFixit teams had some concerns with the large number of different screws used to assemble the helmet. If repairing the helmet at home should not be very difficult, you will need to equip yourself with special screwdrivers before you start.

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