A new lawsuit against Google in the United States?

The tech giants haven’t really smacked of sanctity lately. Particularly because of their rather dominant position in certain markets.

Google is currently facing a number of lawsuits related to anti-competitive practices around the world and this list may soon grow even further in January. According to Bloomberg , at least three US states (Utah, North Carolina and New York) closely scrutinize the fees collected by the US giant in its in-app purchases and other subscriptions. The attorneys general of these states are reportedly preparing a lawsuit and could file the case as early as January.

Another legal action against Google in January?

Google currently takes a 30% commission on subscriptions and in-app purchases from the Play Store, although this commission drops to 15% after the first year for subscriptions. Apple has the same policy, but the medium does not say whether local state authorities are also preparing legal action against the tech giant .

The commissions on the stores of these two giants are one of the biggest disputes at present between them and the developers. A few months ago, Epic sued Google and Apple after removing Fortnite from their app store after offering users a way to purchase items directly from the developer at a lower rate than through stores. . As you can guess, this decision was made in an attempt to avoid paying the Giants’ commissions. Several companies, including Spotify and Facebook, have joined the studio to protest against the policies of Google and Apple.

Again against the backdrop of anti-competitive practices

When asked about this investigation, Google told Bloomberg that Android developers don’t have to publish their apps to the Play Store if they don’t want to pay commissions. Vice President of Android and Google Play Sameer Samat said, “Android has always allowed people to get their apps from multiple app stores. Each store can decide on its own business model and the features offered to users. This openness means that even if a developer and Google disagree on certain terms, the developer can still distribute on another Android platform. ”

Just days ago, Google was the target of a third lawsuit for suspicion of anti-competitive practice this year in the United States. The Texas attorney general was leading a group of 38 states in a lawsuit focused on the tech giant’s search and advertising business. In the words of Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, “Google’s anti-competitive actions have protected its monopolies on global search and excluded its rivals, depriving users of the advantages of competition, blocking innovation and making it harder to introduce. new entrants or any expansion. ”

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