A new Apple TV box for 2021?

TV boxes allow you to enjoy a certain number of services and applications directly on your TV. There are dozens of models today, including the Apple TV.

Apple offers a number of very different products in its catalog. And it’s not just the iPhone , iPad, or Macs. The apple brand has been present for some years on your wrist with its Apple Watch or in your ears with its AirPods. And for some time now, in your living room with its Apple TV box. This could soon be updated .

A new Apple TV box for 2021?

The last time the Cupertino company updated its Apple TV box was in 2017. With a model that finally supported 4K content. The Apple brand hasn’t updated its case since then, but that could change in 2021, if a Bloomberg report is to be believed that claims an entirely new model of Apple TV could be launched in during the next year.

According to the report, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed that this new Apple TV would have a new remote control, a new processor and that the focus would be on video games. With the latest Apple TV box to date, Apple had already highlighted the possibilities in terms of video games. Since then, the Cupertino company has launched its Apple Arcade service. It would therefore not be surprising to see the American giant thus promoting its service and this aspect of the case.

This is what Bloomberg seems to believe

That being said, despite these changes, Mark Gurman remains quite skeptical of Apple’s intentions. The reporter suggests that this may indeed address some of Apple TV’s current concerns, but it would not be a long-term solution. Apple should still work on lowering the box price if it intends to remain competitive in this segment.

It is still too early to know which chip this new Apple TV could carry. Currently, the iPhone 12 has the newest A14 chip. There is therefore a chance that this new box will also use the A14 chip or a variant of this chip. In any case, it will be necessary to wait until 2021 to know what it is all about. If indeed the Cupertino company has a new model in its boxes. Until then, it’s just a rumor like any other.

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