A more compact Mac Pro Apple Silicon would be in the works

Now that Apple has launched its first machine with an Apple Silicon chip, all Apple computers are expected to benefit. Such a Mac Pro would be in the works.

When Apple formalized its intention to part ways with Intel for its processors, it was suspected that the task would take some time. First, we had to design a first chip, in this case the Apple Silicon M1 chip, and integrate it into a first machine. MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini, to be precise, but in entry-level configurations. There is still a lot of work to do. With the highlight the Mac Pro ?

A Mac Pro with M1 chip in a more compact chassis?

Apple appears to have planned to end its separation from Intel for the next year. We have already seen a first chip, M1, integrated into MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, but only in configurations that one could call entry level. What about more muscular configurations? What about the Mac Pro? It seems that for the latter, Apple could opt for a slightly different approach.

That’s what Bloomberg thinks

If a Bloomberg report is to be believed, the Cupertino company is said to be working on two Mac Pros. One of them would keep the same design as the current model and still use an Intel processor. The other, on the other hand, would be more interesting. This would offer a much more compact case, which would be reminiscent of the Power Mac G4 Cube.

This model would be equipped with an M1 chip. And when you think about it, it makes sense. Since the M1 chip is an SoC, there is less need for “external” components since these are already integrated on the chip. This would allow Apple to free up more space for a more compact design.

That being said, it will be very interesting to see how this machine behaves compared to the Mac Pro powered by an Intel chip. So far, benchmarks and other tests of the M1 chip show a very impressive solution, far surpassing what Intel offers. But will the result be “Pro” enough? To have !

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