A Linux Ubuntu installed on an Apple Mac Mini M1

The Apple ecosystem may be very successful, it is not necessarily for everyone. Some can’t get used to macOS, for example, and may prefer Windows, or Linux …

Now that Apple has released machines with an Apple Silicon chip, in this case the M1 chip, the realm of possibilities is widening greatly. Indeed, this chip is based on an ARM architecture, which allows more things, like installing iOS applications. You can also consider installing Linux , or even Windows .

Linux Ubuntu installed on an Apple Mac mini M1

If you are not a fan of Apple’s macOS operating system but like newer machines with an M1 chip, then maybe you would like to install another operating system on it. Another OS that is not Windows? If so, the Corellium team has successfully installed Linux on a Mac mini M1.

A nice feat despite some limitations

According to Corellium CTO Chris Wade, the installed version is the full version of Ubuntu desktop, which was loaded from a USB drive. Although Chris Wade doesn’t go into details, he says the installed version is “fully usable” on Apple Silicon computers.

It should also be noted that this was made possible insofar as the version of Ubuntu is the one designed for the Raspberry Pi , machines using ARM chips. And since the M1 chip is itself based on an ARM architecture, it makes good sense to find low level compatibility. That being said, it would seem that there are a number of limitations to contend with.

For example, GPU acceleration had to be turned off. In other words, the graphics performance of the whole is significantly reduced. Still, this is still a very nice feat. If you are interested, know that Corellium has announced that a tutorial will be made available on its Github account this Friday.

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