A capella, this Korean group recreates the sound effects of Windows

Singing a capella is a very difficult exercise. It requires a real vocal ease to achieve sounds that are unusual to say the least. Some have made it their specialty.

A capella. Here is a term which would even give cold sweats to some seasoned singers. And for good reason, it is a very difficult exercise, complex to understand in that it often involves reproducing sounds and other noises far from what can be singed. Some groups are subject matter specialists . This is the case with MayTree .

This Korean group reproduces the iconic sound effects of Windows

If you’ve ever seen an a capella band in action, you know how impressive the result can be. The sound effects produced by the human voice alone can be absolutely amazing, but for some reason they succeed. And if you’re looking for a good example of this kind of band, then check out the video below.

Impressive precision and detail

The video shows us a remarkable performance by a Korean band calling themselves MayTree. It shows its members reproducing many iconic sound effects from the different versions of Windows . No effect seems to resist them and the result is impressive in precision and detail.

In truth, one could even quite easily say that their performance is nicer than the real sounds of the Redmond firm’s operating system. If you have a minute to spare, this video is definitely worth it! To be honest, most of us pay little or no attention to the sound effects of our operating systems and computers. We have learned, over the years, to make them disappear so as not to go nuts.

Who knows, maybe Microsoft might be interested in engaging them in the more or less near future. Who wouldn’t love a Windows with these sounds?

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