LuminarAI is not the follow-up to Luminar 4, but a software (Mac and Windows) apart that is there to give pride of place to artificial intelligence. Getting started with the software is as easy as possible and always starts in this order: Catalog, Model, Edition and Export.

In Catalog, we will choose the photos we want to retouch, then we go to Model where artificial intelligence will try to find a model adapted to our photo (and there are sub-models each time! ). This step allows you to sort through all the possible options. However, if the software has not found the appropriate scene, it is always possible to choose the treatment you want to apply yourself. Then, we move on to editing with 4 categories: basic tools, creative, portrait and pro. Finally, the export allows us to send the edited photo by email, to Smugsmug, 500px or to your PC.

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