6 years old only and $ 16,000 in in-app purchases during the summer on her mom's credit card

Mobile applications have clearly changed our lives. There is something for everything. And video games are obviously present. Sometimes with in-app purchases. And there, beware!

App stores are full of apps of all kinds. A large portion of these are video games . And among these, many offer users in-app purchases , microtransactions that sometimes allow faster progress, sometimes to buy items, cosmetic or not, sometimes to unlock features. Everyone is free to spend real money or not. As long as the bank account follows. But this can cause certain problems .

At age 6, he spends $ 16,000 on in-app purchases

In recent years, the giants that are Apple and Google have deployed preventive measures to allow parents to put restrictions in place on their devices and thus avoid possible unwanted money spending in apps. This is to prevent children in particular from unwittingly and unwittingly spending real money on games.

Unfortunately for real estate broker Jessica Johnson, these preventative measures were not activated. As a result of the surgery, her 6-year-old son George Johnson spent as much as $ 16,000 on in-app purchases through his mom’s credit card last summer.

on the game Sonic Forces

The game in question is Sonic Forces. George started out by buying packs at $ 1.99 before moving on to more expensive offers at $ 99.99. In a single day, there were even no less than 25 transactions for a total of over $ 2,500. Jessica initially thought all of these transactions were fraudulent and immediately contacted her bank, Chase. She was told that they had been done by herself and that she should contact Apple.

Apple told her these were in-app purchases made in the game. That’s when Jessica Johnson realized they were her son’s work. Unfortunately, the Cupertino firm told her it was “too late” to do anything, as she did not call within 60 days of the transactions. Although she is rightly angry with her son, she remains convinced that the fault lies with Apple.

In his own words: “My son did not understand that the requested money was real. How could he? He is playing a game in a world he knows is not real. Why would the money be real? It would take some knowledge of the world that he doesn’t yet have. ”

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