2004 Apple iPod hacked to listen to music from Spotify

If our electronic devices have fairly limited lifespans, it is not impossible to give them second lives. New example with a 17 year old iPod.

Today we don’t do without our electronic devices, whether they are smartphones, digital readers, smartwatches or anything else. However, very often, after a few years, these devices are found abandoned, for those which are obviously still operational. However, if you are a handyman, you can reuse these old things. Here is an example with a Apple iPod from 2004.

This 2004 iPod is capable of playing music from Spotify

If you want to enjoy the music from the Spotify platform, you need a computer, smartphone or tablet with the Spotify app installed. What if you wanted to take advantage of the service’s catalog from a 2004 iPod? The question may seem preposterous. One could obviously say that the operation is simply impossible. But Guy Dupont has decided not to be discouraged. Our man has decided to give a second youth to his 17 year old iPod.

A very successful hack based on Raspberry Pi Zero W

To give it this touch of modernity, Guy Dupont did not go all the way. He simply removed the components inside, keeping the iconic iPod center wheel, and placed a Raspberry Pi Zero W that he managed to interface with said wheel.

Guy Dupont also replaced the screen with a color LCD screen, a small motor for haptic feedback and integrated a 1000 mAh battery into it. All this will have been possible since the iPod of 2004 is quite huge compared to our current smartphones. And today’s components are very compact.

Our tinkerer of the day went so far as to recreate software in Python to recreate the interface while scrolling. In the end, you’d swear it was an original iPod. Connoisseurs, however, will soon recognize a very successful DIY. Hats off!

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