$ 182,000 fine imposed on a drone pilot by the FAA

For truly innovative products that arrive on the market, the legislation may not be in place to properly regulate them. This was the case for drones …

The drones have been accessible to individuals for a few years now. But the legislation is more recent. And it still suffers today from some gray areas, even some gaps. We had to wait a bit, but now the legislation is in place, in some countries at least, and the pilots of the drones concerned are supposed to respect them. If not, they are liable to fines , among others.

$ 182,000 fine for violations of drone rules

While consumer drones were not originally regulated, they are now. Various government agencies around the world ensure this. Laws can obviously vary from country to country, but in the United States, for example, drone owners must declare their device – unless it weighs less than 250 grams – to the government agency. responsible for civil aviation regulations and controls in the United States, the FAA.

Failure to declare a drone heavier can cause you problems, such as fines. And this is precisely what happened to a drone owner, who prefers to remain anonymous. The FAA has reportedly fined him no less than $ 182,000 (€ 150,000) to date. This impressive amount results from several warnings given by the FAA between December 2019 and August 2020.

The FAA intends to enforce the law concerning the use of these devices

According to the US Federal Aviation Agency, this individual performed 26 different flights in violation of FAA regulations. Jonathan Rupprecht, an aviation lawyer, was able to obtain a copy of the penalty letter, a letter claiming that the FAA made two contact with the pilot but that the pilot, for one reason or another, had decided to ignore these warnings.

$ 182,000 is a very large sum for a fine and it is not really known if the drone pilot will be required to pay all of it or if he can find an agreement with the FAA to reduce the amount requested. Still, this should serve as a reminder, if you have a drone. Remember to check the legislation in place.

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